December 2nd, 2011 / 4:15 pm

John Ashbery is a chill bro

Cool questions!


  1. Leapsloth14

      Why does the fucking camera need to show the interviewer so often, with her in-the-know nods and asinine shrugs?

      Hey, does anyone know if it’s Mean Week?

  2. Nate
  3. Ken Baumann

      I’d hang with Ashbery, fucking great.

  4. David Fishkind


  5. David Fishkind

      seems so damn earnest

  6. David Fishkind

      like a$ap rocky or something

  7. David Fishkind

      how i imagine a$ap rocky would answer similar questions

  8. John Sakkis

      I sincerely thought that was Amy Sedaris for 20 seconds.

  9. David Fishkind

      this is my shit right now

  10. deadgod

      Still think there’s a >50% chance that “Belinda Luscombe” is Tracey Ullman.

      –or did you mean the grey-haired speaker?

  11. deadgod

      the aggressive chuckles are extra-extra

      why is emotive-robot talking selected for on tv

  12. Joe

      Is belinda one of those girls from those british porn clips of small penis humiliation that are all five minutes flat? Her gestures seem to indicate as much only she’s way more humiliating, she should get into the biz. Also, did time-travel to ask that gay question?

  13. joe

      *did SHE

  14. Tom

      More earnest: exquire or asap rocky?

  15. Chappy

      more telling:  a winking bull ‘in’ choir

      oh, what do you know!

  16. Alban Fischer

      Chill bro? Um, duh, dude.

  17. crispin best

      not to patronise you with tv editing 101, but those are most likely there so they can edit ashbery’s answers down without it looking jumpy. i felt interested when i found out that knowledge so i thought you might too. weeeeeeeeeeeeee

  18. lorian long

      me too. writers would actually be cool to hang with if they were more like ashbery and less like ughhhhhhhhhhhz.

  19. marshall

      damn. this is pretty cool.

      i was surprised to hear that he thinks poetry is more popular now than it was when he was younger. ive always thought it got less popular. damn. is it really more popular.

      also, if john ashbery cant make a living off poetry, can anyone? jesus.

  20. Guestagain

      you mean like those boots? look great, but not necessarily functional?

  21. lorian long


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