October 29th, 2010 / 8:08 pm
Music & Random

Last Thing I’ll Do Before I Die

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  1. Name

      Noboday comment. Everyone just email Mark.

  2. Igor

      Heart you.

  3. mark leidner

      thanks iggy. email is a weird blood

  4. mark leidner

      lol @ noboday… u are probabluy one enviable emailer

  5. Sleth

      Mark, you always put me face to face with the darkest parts of my own existence.

  6. mark leidner

      lol that’s the pursbo of art art right?

      they say when u stare into the abyss n see nothin but darkness, that is when you find out who you are

      my brother actually made & sang this though so like charon i will ferry your repsonse across lethe… to him