Libraries are churches, style is content, ideas are around.

Posted by @ 12:44 am on November 5th, 2010

People say mathematicians have wild dreams.
What I want to know is do they have better sex.

Einstein on the beach. With a lady.

Buckminster Fuller pointed at this idea:
We might be beamed ideas from outer space.

And that this is where we get what we call intuition.

The other day I saw a high speed chase, in progress
loudly near a lauded liberal arts college, for women.

I heard one crying.
I read about the crash.

You are going a million miles an hour.

Subscribing to the double negative
is like saying two wrongs make a right.

Relationships are books you can’t reread.
Or rewrite.

J.L. Austin said there is no language
in which two positives make a negative.

Yeah yeah, said Sidney Morgenbesser.

I just got a fortune cookie that said
I think and that is all that I am.

I think this is a mistranslation.
All translation is mistranslation.

The Chinese for Chicken is ròu.
My lucky numbers add up to 135.

The year the Romans suppressed
the second uprising of the Jews.

Killing half a million. It’s their calendar.

Also the year Epictetus died, a Roman.
Who said, If you wish to be a writer, write.

That’s a mistranslation. He had a lamp.
The Chinese have their own calendar.

If you wish to be a mathematician, write.

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