November 5th, 2010 / 12:44 am

Libraries are churches, style is content, ideas are around.

People say mathematicians have wild dreams.
What I want to know is do they have better sex.

Einstein on the beach. With a lady.

Buckminster Fuller pointed at this idea:
We might be beamed ideas from outer space.

And that this is where we get what we call intuition.

The other day I saw a high speed chase, in progress
loudly near a lauded liberal arts college, for women.

I heard one crying.
I read about the crash.

You are going a million miles an hour.

Subscribing to the double negative
is like saying two wrongs make a right.

Relationships are books you can’t reread.
Or rewrite.

J.L. Austin said there is no language
in which two positives make a negative.

Yeah yeah, said Sidney Morgenbesser.

I just got a fortune cookie that said
I think and that is all that I am.

I think this is a mistranslation.
All translation is mistranslation.

The Chinese for Chicken is ròu.
My lucky numbers add up to 135.

The year the Romans suppressed
the second uprising of the Jews.

Killing half a million. It’s their calendar.

Also the year Epictetus died, a Roman.
Who said, If you wish to be a writer, write.

That’s a mistranslation. He had a lamp.
The Chinese have their own calendar.

If you wish to be a mathematician, write.

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  1. Ani Smith

      wish i could form lovely logic a la reynard when i am stoned. best i muster is lewd comedy.

  2. Eric Beeny

      Very nice…

  3. Adam Robinson

      That poem is like a dog I want to rub it.

  4. mimi

      Yes, Rey-Rey, you did good!
      PS – That salad sounds grim. You need somebody to feed you.

  5. Marian May Kaufman

      I see James Joyce is one of the tags. Is it a stupid question to ask where he can be found in the post? Or why he was tagged? Just curious.

  6. lorian long

      ‘Relationships are books you can’t reread.
      Or rewrite’


  7. stephen

      someone told me i am not my thoughts

      also, i hate math

  8. reynard seifert

      joyce is tagged because epictetus is mentioned a few times in the fifth chapter of portrait of the artist and i remember looking him up and reading about him when i was young and impressionable

      from wikipedia for epictetus:

      Epictetus is mentioned in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce. In the fifth chapter of the novel the protagonist Stephen Daedalus discusses Epictetus’s famous lamp with a Dean of his college: “-Epictetus also had a lamp, said the dean, which was sold for a fancy price after his death. It was the lamp he wrote his philosophical dissertations by. You know Epictetus? / -An old gentleman, said Stephen coarsely, who said that the soul is very like a bucketful of water. / -He tells us in his homely way, the dean went on, that he put an iron lamp before a statue of one of the gods and that a thief stole the lamp. What did the philosopher do? He reflected that it was in the character of a thief to steal and determined to buy an earthen lamp next day instead of the iron lamp” (pgs. 202-203 of the Penguin Edition). Epictetus recurs several times throughout this chapter.

  9. reynard seifert

      yeah that’s really melodramatic,
      who the fuck

  10. reynard seifert

      you must not know much about math

  12. Marian May Kaufman


  13. Jay

      So great.

      Also, I will be That Guy you have always heard about, and mention this: I think it’s J.L. Austin.

  14. reynard seifert

      oh shit! editeded, thanks and thanks again

      think i was thinking j.a. austen / j.l. austin

  15. Bradley Sands

      I just got the same fortune and googled it, and this was at the top of my search list.