Literature is an epic game of scrabble.

Posted by @ 12:02 pm on December 17th, 2010

‘Kool-Aid Man in Second Life’
by Jon Rafman

[Click the image above to make it play]

This gets totes NSFW toward the end, btw. Yum yum.

Maybe is called "sAshland" by Ryan Trecartin

a bit, I don’t know why

It’s just a hunch I get
That we are turning
Into one-way traffic

Stockholm syndrome is
Because some criminals are
Charming and almost always is
Crime a sinister sort of sexy

“Gnostical turpitude” in Nabakov’s
Invitation to a Beheading
like not sexy, but dude is in a dream-
prison like Superjail on chess & tea

Guy from Yale on NPR says like,
I would love to survey the members
Of congress, unfortunately that is
very difficult to do & also haha

In general I am for
Dolphins being called
“Non-human people”
Seems better chill

If I could I would save every goddamn
Indigenous person from society
This nut crunch routine

Like the coke bottle in
The Gods Must Be Crazy

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