June 3rd, 2011 / 3:26 pm

me: htmlgiant Ryan: HTMLGIANT me: i want to post something really stupid Ryan: you should


  1. reynard

      call me ish

  2. Will C.

      Yeah… this site… wow. I can’t even explain how awful this place is, not just this post which reinforces the needlessness of the rest of it. I will occasionally come back to see if possibly it’s changed from some hipster crap to the (for some reason) talked about “blog” I keep hearing about. But, no, it doesn’t. Apparently all you have to do to be considered important/revered is be full of shit, know and celebrate it while referring back to anything that may be considered in the world canon to immediately be considered important yourself. Gah, I guess all of a sudden I’m important for referring to a referrer. Please wash yourself out like so many other places… 

  3. reynard

      Apparently all you have to do to be considered important/revered is be full of shit, know and celebrate it while referring back to anything that may be considered in the world canon to immediately be considered important yourself.

      have you heard of this book called ulysses it’s pretty good you should like check it out

  4. Blake Butler

      hurry and occasionally come back bro

  5. Darby Larson

      this post seems deeper than it should be at all.

  6. Will C.

      Yes, of course, I know Joyce quite well. Joyce creates a simulacrum consisting of actual culture and does not outright (what I probably should’ve said) refer to Homer. To say this site is anywhere near Joyce, again, laughable. Joyce was humorous. This site is masturbation :).

  7. Will C.

      And, please, don’t refer to Bloom’s masturbation to try and appear like your talking about something deeper, haha.

  8. will c.

      Check. Check.

  9. kevocuinn

      It’s Friday for fuck sake — I could explain, but it would go right over your head…

  10. Anonymous


  11. Andrew

      I like this post right here.

  12. Trey


  13. drew kalbach

      fuck those rims

      and fuck me for commenting

  14. Will C.

      Thanks! I was laughing so hard I wasn’t even looking at the screen.

  15. Trey

      fight fight fight

  16. Darby Larson

      quit eating, you’re getting simulacrumbs all over the place

  17. Darby Larson

      fuck you

  18. deadgod

      –[…]  Couldn’t you do the Yeats touch?

      He went on and down, mopping, chanting with waving graceful arms.

      –The most beautiful book that has come out of our country in my time.  One thinks of Homer.

      He stopped at the stairfoot.

      –I have conceived a play for the mummers, he said solemnly.

      The pillared Moorish hall, shadows entwined.  Gone the nine men’s morrice with caps of indices.

      In sweetly varying voices Buck Mulligan read his tablet:



  19. kevin bacon

      i feel like i only come back to this site to see if something tragic has happened to any of the posters.

      who’s the reviews editor?

  20. will c.
  21. Troyweav

      I actually just bought those rims after seeing this. Thanks Blake, you should contact those peeps and see about some money for making the sale. This is exactly why I come to this site, really. For insight, ideas, and relief from the world of snob-nosed pricks that read a little Joyce in college and think their’s is the last word in the matter.

  22. mark doten
  23. Matthew

      Blake, what’s that image on your desktop background?

  24. Ryan Call

      and fuck your twitter account

  25. deadgod
  26. Ryan Call


  27. M. Kitchell


  28. reynard

      what’s funny is you think we think this site is literature, we all write literature will but we don’t put it on this site, this place is just for kicks and you’re a balloon – we don’t live in the same city, if we did i think we would just get drunk together and start fights with people like you, which is exactly what joyce, beckett, hemingway, etc. did – those who weren’t in paris wrote each other letters in which they talked shit on everyone and everything they didn’t like, or else they reviewed it or whatever – if they had had the internet they would be doing something more or less like this, you strike me as the kind of anonymous fool who used to ask pointless questions at readings and write petty reviews in magazines no one read, who would go home and brood over their whiskey, beating their wives and beating their dogs because they were hacks and later on, after mfa programs started, they became writing professors and they still beat their wives and their dogs because they were depressed and uninteresting – in fact, people still do that all the time, like you probably, and they are fucking hilarious to anyone with a brain and a good sense of taste – there’s really no reason for me to have written this comment nor to post it, other than the fact i just drank a bunch of coffee and i was feeling the fire under my armpits, plus i’m planning to not comment for a while and i wanted to get out one last fart for old time’s sake, people like you disgust me – i’m gonna go get drunk and have a real conversation with people i like now, goodbye

  29. kevocuinn

      Great to see you are coming around and getting into the mood.

  30. Anonymous


  31. Anonymous


  32. Anonymous


  33. bobby

      Thanks for creating an index of my anxieties! 

  34. M. Kitchell

      my favorite part of this post is reynard’s response to will
      i love it


      i want to rape this post

  36. Troyweav

      Update: just got those rims in huge boxes from UPS, tons of packing peanuts everywhere, and I feel like ten million bucks. Put them on my Yugo–binka binka, fucking awesome. Drove over to the flea market and sold all of my Joyce books. I don’t know, he just seems so tainted now. But I’m smiling, I think…

  37. Anonymous


  38. Anonymous


  39. will c.

      Dude… seriously… hah, did you miss the “Friday” comment below this? Yeah, I need to take you to get a couple of drinks, haha!



  41. will c.

      Thought it was all about the ol’ “silence, cunning and exile” there, James. Oh, wait… you’re not James, haha. Christ, haha… I laugh at everyone of you. Don’t even know how funny your fucking are.