My hometown Borders got closed

Posted by @ 4:24 pm on May 25th, 2011

They were selling everything, including the bookshelves.  (This is how any number of blog posts begin.)  There were people in large hooded sweatshirts on corners waving signs that said “80-90% off,” and, in the store’s windows, there were giant yellow banners saying the same thing.  I went on the third to last day.  Large sections of the store were roped off, like the cafe area and the music section (though that section had been irrelevant since 2005 anyways).  People wandered around aimlessly, looking totally lost, which was really the only way to inhabit the store since the selection had been so thoroughly decimated it was impossible to look for anything specific.

Bookshelf Special

80% off is no joke

I went through the fiction section, the large print section, the Spanish translation section, the African American special interest section, and the poetry section, which were contiguous along one wall of the store, grabbing any and all things that seemed good.  These are the results (not in any order):

The cover/design of this book seems 100% retarded. (The cover image is blurry, not my camera, and yeah the final “A” in “O’HARA” is obnoxiously close to the cover’s right edge.) I just read a couple poems from this book and was reminded of how I’m not even sure if I like or dislike Frank O’Hara, however it seems like I’m required to like him in order to transcend, so whatever he’s cool.

I confuse these guys in my mind a lot, but if I sit down and think very hard I know Dennis Cooper is the cool one.

Christmas presents for friend and sister. They’ll still probably see the movie first.

I already own this but I haven’t read it but I’m pretty confident I will like it. I think this’ll be a Christmas present to my friend’s dad.

This book has been recommended to me a bunch, though always by non-literary people, yet people whose opinions I generally trust. Does this book hold any weight with the HTMLGIANT crowd?

I feel like Edna St. Vincent Millay is the quintessential flapper.

Joe Meno was the first “approachable” writer I knew about and yet I’ve only read a story collection. Going to try hard to read one of these this summer.

I met Ben Greenman very briefly at Blake’s marathon reading. I overheard him tell a story about being on a panel during which a literary agent said he/she advises his/her authors to title their books beginning with the letter “A” so they appear in Kindles before other books. I’ve retold this story several times always omitting the fact that this is something I overheard and not an actual conversation I had.

This one’s good, right?

Although I’m sure I’d like this book, I have a feeling I will never read it.

They were also selling these totally rad Moby Dick t-shirts. I bought 4, which was all they had left in sizes M and L.

This is what it looks like when I wear 3 Moby Dick t-shirts at the same time. (not sure where the 4th one went)