April 6th, 2011 / 1:01 pm


  1. stephen


  2. Rebekah

      Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy

  3. Rebekah

      Also I like that Lookbook stuff but it’s not like I’m going to make an account to say it over there.

  4. Brian McElmurry

      Jimmy Chen is a comedic genius. He probably gets more play than he lets on. Women like to laugh. And death crunch.

  5. Jimmy Chen

      thx, but if you wrote my biography, it would be fiction

  6. alex crowley

      this is so good. did that guy in the photo think his moustache made him look gay?

  7. lando

      u should do stand up, u would get a lot of pussy

  8. Sean


  9. douglas riggs

      I have a stack of 43 New Yorkers in my closet from like 2002 when they tricked me into a subscription at 158% off the cover price. As every week passed my anxiety over all the unconsumed material grew until I would close my eyes and handle the things with tongs like a guy disposing of spent nuclear rods. Still can’t stand the thought of throwing them away even though they cause me physical discomfort when I need to fish out/ stow my winter coat away twice a year.

  10. Gus

      cuuuuuuuute tiny cockroach!!

  11. reynard

      i make strong ass coffee, so no

      but everything else, yes yes of course of course

  12. Anonymous


  13. Rebekah

      I went to the pharmacy and carried my “reusable shopping bag” which came as a gift with my renewed New Yorker subscription and has the little New Yorker logo on it.

  14. Dreezer

      It’s all good, but I love the bit about the graphic designer. It’s funny cuz it’s almost certainly true.

  15. wl

      If I ever met Jimmy, he would definitely get some play from me.

  16. Richard Thomas

      “Here is a black box.” BAM. Awesome. Funny on SO many levels.

  17. Chauncey Mabe

      Your misery makes me smile, which I hope is the point, because otherwise I’m an angst vampire. Oh well as someone once said, self-knowledge is the first step to wisdom. Oh, that was me? Never mind.

  18. elise

      forever fan

  19. Rob

      Isn’t Jimmy Chen married? Or was it gay? I don’t come ’round these parts very often, but I vaguely remember something about him being married and something else about him sending a text to a male co-worker offering his “meat.” Either way is cool, and Jimmy’s still the best html-gianter that ever lived.

  20. Jimmy Chen

      I am a heterosexual (non-curious) divorcée, and thank you for caring.

  21. Eric

      Just guffawed, didn’t know I could guffaw.