October 24th, 2014 / 2:41 pm



  1. Matthew Simmons

      DIED: HTML Giant

  2. michaelleung


  3. Josh Spilker

      last last

  4. Timothy Willis Sanders

      damn :’|

  5. deadgod
  6. David Biddle

      It was a giant. It was 664 years old. It still is. People are starting to look for it again. It’s somewhere. It keeps learning new stuff and then disappearing, showing up, disappearing. Freaking weird.

  7. mimi

      reminds me of… what was it??? that NYC (was it?) street musician (blind?) once posted-about by rey-rey seifert… moondog? was it???

      [ …but I can remember that So-and-so wrote a thing, What’s-it. (Often, looking up a … that I ‘remember’, I find a … The reader ‘remembers’ constructively, the reader just gets it wrong, and so on…]

      was it moondog????????

      in any case, deaders, SWEET

  8. mimi

      so, David Biddle, have you been reading HTMLG for years (if so, word) but only now, on the last day, ever commented?

      just curious

  9. STaugustine

      What I miss…?

  10. David Biddle

      Old dudes like me never feel comfortable in groups, Mimi. I’ve paid attention to new literary efforts all my life. They come, they go, it makes me sad, I just keep writing. I guess I felt the need on the last day to comment. Words on the page started getting freed up in about 1350, by some accounts. Just thought 664 years should be on the record.

  11. mimi


      : )