January 29th, 2013 / 3:30 pm

Proust Reviews NyQuil




  1. Jeremy Frank

      I could see writing amazon reviews using the style of famous authors becoming this big thing and then a few years from now someone will collect thee and publish them all in a cute little book that I can spend $14.99 on at my local independent bookstore.

  2. Erik Stinson

      dude… shut up…..

  3. megan boyle


  4. lorian long

      lol ‘as that is how i roll’

  5. spencermadsen

      spot on

  6. Joe Winkler

      this is brilliant.

  7. Marc van der Holst

      in search of lost sleepy time. thx jimmy.

  8. bemightee


  9. Patricia Navarro Ocampo

      half glass of whiskey,
      half a glass of whole milk
      2 spoonfuls of cream
      2 ” ” sugar
      mix properly,warm over real fire-no microwaving-
      that will put you to sleep in no time no mater what happens
      1/2 of the r├ęcipe for children