March 19th, 2012 / 9:44 pm

Random Ass Live Reading of Some Recent Books I Liked #8

You missed the live reading. Excerpts were spoken from:

Partyknife by Dan Magers
The No Hellos Diet by Sam Pink
Meat Heart by Melissa Broder
Skin Horse by Olivia Cronk
A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon by CAConrad
Crunk Juice by Steve Roggenbuck
Autoportrait by Edouard Leve
Fast Machine by Elizabeth Ellen
Percussion Grenade by Joyelle McSweeney
The Black Forest by Christopher DeWeese
Sister Stop Breathing by Chiara Barzini
Transfer Fat by Aase Berg


  1. Vomithelmet McGee

      is it still watchable?

  2. Vomithelmet McGee

      thank ye

  3. Anonymous

      A trick. Those are actually all local band names in [your college town].

  4. Helen

      Quick! Someone make us up a mixtape of the authors reading over a jaunty guitar/frantic harp/cruddy beat

  5. Anonymous