October 19th, 2010 / 8:28 pm

Random Live Broadcast of Recent Books I Liked #3

You missed the live reading but you can watch it archived.

Featuring excerpts read from:

Museum of the Weird by Amelia Gray
Flowing in the Gossamer Fold by Ben Spivey
The Book of Frank by CAConrad
Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls by Alissa Nutting
Selected Poems by Mary Ruefle
Event Factory by Renee Gladman
Sean Kilpatrick’s “The All Encompassed Drowned” in New York Tyrant Issue 8


  1. Molly Gaudry

      “He was born in Tel Aviv in 1930. It’s pretty much guaranteed to be good.” Love it. Sorry I missed this live. Am catching up now though.

  2. Sean

      Thank you, kind sir.

  3. MM

      this is a great idea, mister b, and i encourage it by all. back when i had bided in a city with thriving social scene, my pals and i would read aloud over countless pots of tea. now, more sullen and lonely in the high-desert’s paucity, these cameras can be our companions to share aliment with. strange how we simpleton cubicle dwellers, diode-lulled, have an ever-cresting capacity to shake hands, pass pipes, take celestial hikes. We just must coddle each occasion in front of the charge-coupled device.

  4. Ben Spivey

      Thanks Blake.

  5. herocious

      Wait up, Blake, you never got around to saying why you have to read Tony Duvert. Anything?