Random Live Reading of Recent Books I Like #5

Posted by @ 9:09 pm on May 16th, 2011

Shit be over but I read from a bunch of books:

Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead by Neil Strauss [It Books]
Cop Kisser by Steven Zultanski [Bookthug]
Entrance to a colonial pageant… by Johannes Göransson [Tarpaulin Sky]
“CEOs” from No Colony 003 by Krammer Abrahams
Today and Tomorrow by Ofelia Hunt [Magic Helicopter]
The Angel in the Dream of Our Hangover by Mark Leidner [Sator Press]
Someday This Will Be Funny by Lynne Tillman [Cursor]
The Buddhist by Dodie Bellamy [Publication Studio]
The Marbled Swarm by Dennis Cooper [Harper Perennial]
Girl Without Arms by Brandon Shimoda [Black Ocean]

Then Reynard challenged me to read all of Vanessa Place’s Dies: A Sentence, so I did. It took five hours. Reynard left in the middle.