December 6th, 2011 / 12:00 pm

Reading Comics: Chad Parmenter’s Poetics

Finishing Line Press, 2011

Bat & Man:  A Sonnet Comic Book is a chapbook of sonnets about Batman.  They’re persona poems spoken in dialogue, between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne, with the driving narrative that she has woken him up from a nightmare, and he describes it to her, sonnet by sonnet.  Each one adds to what you might recognize as the ritual activity of most Batman comics and other media:  retracing what led Bruce Wayne to become Batman, revising that story in the process.  This revision is part Citizen Kane and part Yeats, with a kind of comic-gothic inflection to the whole thing that might be what Stephen Burt calls Lowellian, in his essay, “Poems About Superheroes.”

Available Now for preorder from Finishing Line Press


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  11. Jeremy Bauer

      Thanks for the Stephen Burt essay! Great stuff.

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