October 6th, 2010 / 9:41 pm


1. See left. (an excerpt: Amsterdam Island, France-
Everyone who stays on Amsterdam for longer than a year is examined by a medical officer from the south of France to check that he is coping with the long period of restriction of movement and the confined, purely masculine environment. No woman has visited longer than two days. At night, the men gather in the small video room in Great Skua to watch one of the porn films from their personal collection. Each man sits in a row on his own. The loudspeakers emit grunts and groans, and the air is heavy with the musky scent of the bull seals.)

2. See fifty (unfairly forgotten films).

3. See the wheel turn (on Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series).

4. See new money.

5. See # above, + hats.

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  1. M Kitchell

      man not to be a hater but i would argue that anything with an in-print dvd release can’t exactly be considered “forgotten,” haha. list is pretty decent though.

      that book looks sweet too.

  2. Ken Baumann

      I agree!

      And the book looks beautiful. I really like the subtitle.

  3. Trey

      Ha! I remember seeing Bubble Boy when I was younger and liking it a lot. Sadly, that is like the only movie I can say I’ve seen on the list.