November 30th, 2011 / 10:19 am
Random & Snippets

Can anyone name some writing that is sexy without containing any actual sex?


  1. jesusangelgarcia

      Just finished Anais Nin’s Collages. No sex, but some sumptuous language. And of course, Duino Elegies!

  2. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      _midnight’s children_: the bollywood apple kiss pass kiss bit.


  3. Joseph Riippi

      The last line of “The Cinnamon Peeler” by Michael Ondaatje. 

  4. jesusangelgarcia

      Ondaatje’s words levitate, no?

  5. Erik Stinson

      nothing about food or cars or money, i guess

  6. Petya K. Grady

      Alex Dimitrov’s poetry.

  7. Scottmcclanahan


  8. Cassandra


  9. Broah Cicero

      John Donne

  10. Drwho

      ALICE MUNRO. Her stories are always loaded with sexy tension but never the act.

  11. Honey

      In answer to a slightly different question – lots of sex that isn’t particularly sexy – Salter’s A Sport and A Pasttime, and the very new Hooked, by John Franc.

  12. Joseph Riippi

      Indeed they do.

  13. stefan michael

      First book that comes to this addled mind is Huysman’s À rebours, although I may be leaning to heavily toward the natural decadence of the imagination than actual sex. 

  14. Bradford

      Baruch Spinoza

  15. rhodes

      Contains sex, but doesn’t.  Carole Maso’s Aureole.

  16. barry

      not sure, but pictures of really fat cats make my dick hard…

  17. Leapsloth14

      Depeche Mode

  18. jesusangelgarcia

      Noooooooo… (please?)

  19. Cassandra's Vagina

      Alessandro Baricco’s Silk

  20. alan

      some people think the sperm-squeezing scene in Moby Dick is hot

  21. Cvan

      Catherine Lacey’s book reviews, of course.

  22. Elfgard the Drorg Slayer

      Uh, what? Did you read James Salter’s Sport, or some other Salter?

  23. John Minichillo

      Stuart Dybek’s “We Didn’t”

  24. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Fifth Business was so boring that I stopped reading it to jack off.

  25. Brooks Sterritt


  26. JW

      D.H. Lawrence’s Women in Love.  I found it to be highly erotic.

  27. Merzmensch

      EE Cummings (not everything),
      and of course: the car sex scene from Danielewskis “House of Leaves”. Imho the most erotic scene I’ve ever read, but so dadaistic and vocabularily abstract, that it’s more erotic as it can be.

  28. Nick Antosca

      We’re on different planets

  29. Dominique

      “I the woman” by Sandra Cisneros