July 25th, 2012 / 1:25 pm


I found this video linked from a post on Gawker. Here are some notes I took while watching it several times in a row:

1.) Can you just give yourself a nickname like “Third Eagle of the Apocalypse” or do you have to wait for someone else to give it to you?

2.) Seems like it would suck to share the title “Profit of the End Times” with someone else.

3.) The contrast between the hyperbolic imagery and the banality of the production value is pretty engaging.

4.) Sort of reminds me of a Ryan Trecartin movie.

5.) This dude combines imagery and exposition to convey meaning in a manner similar to the way I do in my poems.

6.) I like the way his argument has a tenuous attachment to reality. Seems like it would take a high level of skill to create something as delicate.

7.) Question: Are there good pictures of revelation beasts on the internet? Answer:

8.) I can picture this guy and Steve Roggenbuck battling each other on some kind of spiritual plane, with light sabers.

9.) This is better than most of the poems I’ve read/written recently.

10.) Note to self: include soothing image of dam in next poem.

11.) Not to self: point at your poems with a pen as you read them to increase audience attentiveness.

12.) Is this folk art? I bet this is folk art.

13.) If you look inside this dude’s brain it looks like this:

14.) Note to self: begin more statements with random name and verse number, for example: “Juan, chapter 38 verse 7 says you shall fetch me a pastrami sandwich” or “Buddy, 21:4 says you should kick down 3 bucks so I can eat some tacos”.

15.) His shirt seems like the most insane thing in the whole video.

16.) The cover of his book looks nice. I bet he designed/published it himself.

17.) I feel like this guy is winning.

18.) I need to step up my poetry game.


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