Subito Press is Open for Submissions…

Subito Press, publisher of Mathias Svalina’s The Explosions, and Sandra Doller’s Man Years, is having an open reading period. Subito is “a non-profit publisher of literary works. It is based in the Creative Writing Department at the University of Colorado at Boulder.” You can submit work, here.

The Scene in Your City…

How do you feel about the writing scene in your city? Does it make you stronger, or does it sap your will to live like a giant lamprey?

Here Lies a Fuck Ton of Poets Whose Names Were Writ in Water…


I feel like it would be an honor to be left out of an anthology as much as it would be to be included in one (Ange Mlinko’s review of Paul Hoover’s Norton Anthology of Post Modern Literature from the Nation, follows. I expect this will get taken down soon, as the original article was behind a paywall…). Do you give a fuck about this? Or about being anthologized? Should I?

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Ben & Amy Read Chapbooks (Miscellaneous Stuff Edition)

Amy Lawless and I like to read chapbooks and review them on the internet. We used to write these together, while drinking wine and watching TV. We live in different cities now, so we do them over gchat. Here are our recent reviews:

Review 1: The Wikipedia Page for Tears

“boy with mullet, crying”

Amy:  HEY

Sent at 1:23 PM on Sunday

me:  yo

Amy:  we did it

me:  ya good job

Amy:  ha


me:  lets get into it. what’s the first item

Amy:  The Wikipedia Page for Tears:


Let’s both look at the page and go for it.

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