August 24th, 2012 / 3:47 pm

Teju Cole Tweets America

Because his wife came home late once or twice, Tim, of Indiana, suspected her of what any husband would: working too hard.


In Florida, a quiet man, Edward Reece, purchased a new pair of cargo shorts, and said very little.


Some people have no patience. Evelyn, of Portland, asked her server for the bill before finishing her food.


Rosemarie Andrews, of Houston, may or may not have been 90 years old, but she’s certainly dead. Of old age.


In Flint, Michigan, an autoworkers union exchanged proposals with management on how to resolve a labor dispute.


Beggars can be choosers. One of them, Leroy, of San Francisco chose to dress himself in the same clothes day after day.


Everybody’s a critic. Jeff, stopped for speeding, wrote a long letter to his town council. They did not write back.


Heartbroken with grief after her husband’s death, Amy, of St. Louis, grieved for three years and then remarried.


In Pasadena, because his daughter, 14, left a Starbucks cup in his Volvo, again, Mr. Johnson, a disciplinarian, confiscated her iPhone.


Since his mother, 70, owned a suspiciously comfortable Buick LeSabre, James, of Chicago, asked to borrow it.


God’s ways are strange. Three of his most dedicated followers carpool to work in Washington, DC, just to use the HOV lane.


Too young to be a mother, Ally, 16, of Colorado Springs, decided to wait until she was married to get pregnant.


In Baton Rouge, Tony’s mistake was to argue with a man named Lesley. He just wanted to know: What kind of name is Lesley, for a man?


All pupils dream of graduating, one day, from school. This spring in Cheyenne, Wyoming, thousands of them will do so.


Not suspected of a plot to bomb a local church, four teenagers in Boston were left to their own devices. They went to the movies.



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