November 26th, 2010 / 7:32 pm

text and videos by refbatch

that woman female object stopped to exist in 1999, you can see shadow only. the fighter of removed is representing to you its fight. which soon will not be needed as we all will burn. i said i drown in information, like a swimmer, who is exhausting to fight with waves in the lake or ocean-at time when a man drowned on telaviv beach-soon I will not have any dress and any tooth, and you will have to take my talk as it is-without any attributes

beneath the cut: videos, text and images by refbatch.






so we are bea out from scandals form only open eyes-

representin melodies of ..beethoven,ect.under grad noise;

so next day

tehre is no interest and wsh just to get up from bed,

as melodies by beethoven are outbombing by abusement

of grad rockets to your side form everywhere.

murders I analyzed yesterday chronology of events again for to provide you by more clear picture while ‘to amricans-2010” was real underconsciousness disclosure which i evry time hurry to record as sharp feel of real  disclosure is dissapearing then. they insistably atrtacked and imposed with emergencies symbols send one car after another-warnign aboutthe crime-at 5.40 p.m. moscow time,- then shwowed insultive anticipating of blood joy of agressity on  the market(not enerybody by the way -bit tit was clear prepartion of soem crash event) then  seiged by prams and childern o oin empty dark very cold forest- .it could be important the only one key detail -my say abotu quake possibility int he forest toi myself whta i habit to sound as i am alwats along and hsuabnd shots up any my words- i speak with myself-they already blowed  down all my privtae life money ,existance. they decided to isolagtfe netanmyahu from obama unde rthis imagination of breakthrough- while before tehyy cared to isolate just me from expression durign negotiations ,nevertheless afraded of soem ,unknown for me ‘see’about this. === repeat .I read quaks by sport anylysis and psychics tune analysis. this si not vision. yest ai standed on logo wood enogh high int he dark and discovered that balance is so bad that i can fall down. 2.exact this example of quake understanding could be wrong as husband afetr dutchg kind infection already passed to me infecting- and the picture coud give errorr. follwo the events.if quake is strong i usually say about it 2 days before. remind,last caews of al qauida paranoijua persecution fro quake say-:

they togetehr prisongly educate me on priosn shut up refsue in cicommunictaioin mean streat me as psyhciatry,beggar,dependent, prostitute,rigthless person,durign by hours .now at “tranlative message”of reason of thier burst in conatcat with shaubdns iwtch on abuse- tehy started to oulknowpcjk confirmeign that information is this- but the reaosn is worse-

shu up on right to get informtaion marking it by shouting on me ban li\vc eon th eerath and to know- for to siwthc onm abus eby my husband who pour me with dirt by hours wiht psyhciatry threats put in  do priodn conditino sfobide to me tp sue comptuer, camera and pen-kugerschriber fro to achieve maxixum abuse threats an dhamiluating supprtioon forbdioe to me to sp[eak.hsuabnd impek,emt all orders of regime ag. me- whoich train me as animal on refl;exes in prison- shotuign on me by sygnalyzing at 1 a.m.- wiht ban to resist to this vioplenece of correction of tiem of right to go to bed htis is not message . i write down 8 page sof abus ein copy book by hand with swicth off electricty and blow by my hsuabnd for ewvry wroidf ford ebop to m,e  to prononciate words durign several housrs thrtow me outfrom papaer ,cpompyter and camera-. chehcn spaldo rvna swicth on sygnalyzing fro thsi annoucnmenet- evry tiem click aby7u shoutign evry jb]nfronaytioina soin aul educating me on second race ,on animla, on prisoner, on woman /sban -apl,do do nto put van on ytign now this si not message. when paldo hsuabdn at hoem yuou will nto get enaggse my medssage in on the cemerteary. -husband frobdies to me to bresists, to respond, to secure my right on information

forbdietn camera, sleep on time, hekathm sprot, informaytion, contacts, an dyour own dignity- food and privta life, this is total prison. hsuabnd nanocune if i iwll go to compotue rhe woill blow me/ if i taek a sheet of apepr he will blow. if take camer ah eiwll blow. \ I am lethal abusing by pshychiatry threats. i am free to lo0ok for otehr husband. muy church juristical action under analoy is devaluated and abolished. i am free sinlge woman.

400-blond atlantis videos with just word”fly”on blue snow-syoeln twice coutn i to lose it-afetr these steals were shouting that i am mad-:moslems and scientology convinensly fabricate and hide vision videos-blcoking them under long isolation sure that i will lose them=tlook nexr steals twice blocked where i said blind atlantis just word”fly”fury and impudently stolen start work with youtube from scandal and outshoutign by jam on radio into teh ear you do nto need- afetr choosign for me what to send what not- blockign again blind atlantis
videos on the snow- forbide my feel of just as beauty as events-
not teired to cencore volume of ma abilities and stake on heklath undermine while i make more than men could beug weaker then they are-
to pull me under unsleep- enshorting time of it by sabotage=
that is unsleep unfeed unposityive amotion prison life but you futy abotu picture and my fell of blue shadows on the snow-

that can not hide thier repate fever imposing stcked violent directive of psychai=try and disability suggestion-

p0sychaitry woemn showho attacked pope-

when i will die it will follwo teh infromation anu[=yway- but they wnat and evrybody only wnat i must be as missing

covering and shuted up ===

Maxim Belov I contacted with chief of 21-st department ,block № 8 of moscow 13-th psychiatrical clinik Mrs. Larisa Viktorovna Mischenko about my wife.She said that today Anna Matskevich will be psychiatrically checked and tommorow only I will get result about her future. When I said I want to take her home soon as it is possible – she refused,refering to their timetable. When I asked if any medicins were used against my wife – Mrs.L.V.Mischenko insistably suggested that I should call tommorow by phone number +7(495) 358-42-65 and she can’t guarant anything concerning my wife. She refered she does not have time to continue talk with me. At the moment this is all info I have. I will try to inform you about next events.

from: Maxim Belov I called at 9.00 a.m. to the receiption of the clinik – they redirected me to the phone number +7(495)358-42-65 and said that my wife is in 21-st department block №8 of the psychiatrical clinik. The woman on the telephone said – I have to call after 10 a.m. She did’nt try to listen to me inspite of I said that I notice that I am against any action against my wife. She only agreed just to inform somebody,that husband of Anna Matskevich was calling. So I will repeat my effort to contact the chief of this psychiatrical prison. By the way,there is some information that staff of this clinik sadistically jeer at people like fascist butchers in Hitler time. P.S.I general,I do’t know if it is beneficial for anybody in the West to interefere into this vilolence and rightless. Your sincerely Maxim Belov

thier effort to stop send of forbidden frost report by psychiatry suggestion did not work. you know- they call evry achievemnnt as psychiatry



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      i read/watched parts of this post on three different computers this weekend, but yeah, this stuff is amazing.