The world ended in 1978, we’ve been living in Paul McCartney’s peehole for thirty years.

Posted by @ 7:08 pm on March 9th, 2011

I don’t believe the apocalypse will be violent,
just as I don’t expect much of a jar
when machines do what
we don’t want to do.

O excuse me, enjoy yr showr!

The descent to nothing will be the party of forever because
bliss means never having to say I know what’s going on.
That’s why I think the world ended in 1978
at the filming of this music video.

Just as you can’t manufacture democracy
you can’t control how things are going to go.
That’s why I don’t try to steer anymore really,
I’d much rather comment on the scenery.

This song makes me want to punch
a bunch of puppies in the stomach.
Or yuppies maybe that would be better.
Of course I won’t. But anyway

I think the end of the world will be
like dancing in a disco. We
will just disappear
like a sheet
pulled asunder
beneath an awesome duvet.

As any symbologist will tell you all signs here point to Lucifer, bringer of light, but don't worry everything is tight

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