March 7th, 2012 / 4:11 pm


These are things I didn’t tweet while walking around AWP like a zombie (typos included):


mostly white people


everyone is Urban Outfitted


prevalent attitude of bemused detachment


Brandon Downing is everywhere


Dan Magers said it’s like he’s been eating “battery acid and alcohol water”


this is the worst way to see friends


I’m not going to this next year


Bunch of dudes at this NYU party look like Jason Swartzman in BOred to Death.




furtively farted in a group of NYU students but maintained a look of placid innocence (I think one woman noticed)


CHicago is pretty raad. Go Patriots!


I think I’m eating cat food


just ran into blank over by the blank blank table. He seems really blank. I bet he gets tons of blank.


I hate all your scarves


dear Future Ben Mirov: shut the fuck up


this poem would be nominally improved if Woody Harelson were reading it


Every time I see Melissa Broder we smash cheeks awkwardly because I forget to give her a peck. I feel like it’s become “our thing”.


Ate an Italian Beef at Al’s Beef: my colon is a warzone


saw Mark Liedner across the room at a reading and thought “there can only be one” al la Highlander


day 4: everyone’s feelings are hurt


Hahaha if you ever see me here when I’m fifty and I’m hitting on undergrads kill me sorry I didn’t mean that yes i did


Think I saw Jordan Castro, but it might have just been some dude with chocolate on his face.


never have I so badly wished for the zombie apocalypse to strike as when I was walking through the bookfair today


Accidentally blocked C.D. Wright on her way to the bathroom. didn’t realize it was C.D. Wright until lily Ladewig told me. Realized I had always pictured C.D. Wright as approx. 8′ tall


just talked to blank at the bar for like blank minutes. I think she thought I was blanked but I just took too many blanks


At a reading. Super exicted to see the new episode of Archer


I love Jason Bredle


  1. Ben Fama


  2. Dan Boehl

      no comment

  3. leapsloth14

      Fuck Twitter

  4. leapsloth14

      I also love Jason Bredle

  5. Spenser Davis

      fucking poets

  6. elizabeth ellen

      recurring thought i had while reading this:: who’s ben mirov?

  7. paul ebenkamp

      this is insipid

  8. Trey

      woah hey this is also a list of things I didn’t tweet at awp

  9. Ethan

      “my colon is a warzone”

      that’s funny shit

  10. lily hoang

      i never got to meet ben mirov. 

  11. Anonymous

      I often think that to myself

  12. Anonymous

      AWP fail. Next time, I hope.

  13. Kevin Sampsell

      You probably couldn’t tweet this shit because the reception there was shitty. #crankyoldmantweets

  14. Kevin Sampsell

      Also–Elizabeth Ellen: Get a clue! Mirov is king!!

  15. Richard Thomas


  16. Amelia Robertson

      lol @ day 4: everyone’s feelings are hurt

  17. deadgod

      Perhaps you didn’t get the memo from Jonathon, but TWITTER IS RUINING LITERATURE AND DESTROYING AFUCKINGMERICA, so your grandchildren’s grandchildren thank you for passing sound literary principles on from your grandparents’ grandparents, Ben.

  18. Anonymous

      you’re welcome and what?

  19. Mark Gurarie

      Awkward White People

  20. Matt Rowan

      I LOVE TO LOVE! On that we agree, Lovelace, er, leapsloth14. 

  21. Ana Božičević

      In Chicago I found out that Ben Mirov is a guy who makes timescapes with words. 

  22. Anonymous

      thanks for listening. You made my night.