March 23rd, 2010 / 1:14 pm


can't go to emergency room, too expensive

After I lost/left my old job last summer, I went on COBRA for health insurance, which costs me a burdensome $200 a month. When my COBRA stuff expires later this year, it’ll go to a blistering $600 a month, at which point I’ll have to drop it and get something else.  Or maybe circumstances have changed now that THIS HAPPENED.  (Did you think it would? I didn’t.)  Here’s a rundown of changes that go into effect immediately.

As a writer who had a day job for a long time and will have one again and hates the idea of it, I’ve been waiting for “universal health care” for a long time, and fervently, and I fucking hate insurance companies.  This is how I would like to see the folks who run insurance companies end up:

Ceridian, Cigna

This bill could have been a lot better (single fucking payer!!) but it’s better than nothing.  A lot better.  And it’s good for writers. As a writer who’d like to scrape by for a while without going back to work in an office or whatever, I’m excited.  Fuck you, insurance industry. Die in hell. (Yes, yes, I know that this reform is not punitive. And that if it were punitive, that wouldn’t be good for anybody, because the more lobbies that are on board for it, or at least not strategizing against it, the better.  Anyway, it’s irrelevant, because it turns out this thing could actually help them.)


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