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can't go to emergency room, too expensive

After I lost/left my old job last summer, I went on COBRA for health insurance, which costs me a burdensome $200 a month. When my COBRA stuff expires later this year, it’ll go to a blistering $600 a month, at which point I’ll have to drop it and get something else.  Or maybe circumstances have changed now that THIS HAPPENED.  (Did you think it would? I didn’t.)  Here’s a rundown of changes that go into effect immediately.

As a writer who had a day job for a long time and will have one again and hates the idea of it, I’ve been waiting for “universal health care” for a long time, and fervently, and I fucking hate insurance companies.  This is how I would like to see the folks who run insurance companies end up:


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March 23rd, 2010 / 1:14 pm