January 17th, 2011 / 6:31 pm

this is pretty great


  1. mark leidner

      poseidon of soda

  2. Peterlandau

      I live down the block from this place. My oldest son interviewed him for his school newspaper, though his school doesn’t have a newspaper so my son had to publish one.

  3. Isaac

      Wow, this is pretty amazing. It’s always cool to learn that a word like “moxie” has such an interesting origin. Gotta try that soda.

  4. Sean

      Sounds like your son has moxie

  5. Jane

      Moxie is pretty gross. It’s really strong and syrupy but also kind of bitter.

  6. Anonymous

      That guy sells Moxie! soda.

  7. Mike Young

      i love this guy! when i went to LA this is honestly the place i was most excited about visiting

  8. lorian

      i think my head would explode if i went to this store.

  9. C. Mittens

      I like it. When I was a kid, 32 oz bottles of Moxie were very inexpensive at the store, so my friends and I drank it all the time. I admit it is probably not for everybody, but I used to dig it. I haven’t had any in a long time.

  10. Sam Ligon

      This is fantastic. I love this guys passion.

  11. Sam Ligon

      uh…. guy’s.

  12. steve roggenbuck

      sean i love ur posts

  13. steve roggenbuck

      sean i love ur posts

  14. Roxane

      I loved this video and now I really want to visit this store to sample their cherry sodas.

  15. mat

      i got tea party vibes, maybe even sober alcoholic