September 17th, 2010 / 4:25 pm

Zealot vs. Rattail

Apparently this is//all over//everywhere,
but I don’t have TV so I dunno nothing much.

Jacob don’t own a computer.
Just wanted to be in High Times.
And now there are t-shirts and stuff,
he and his buds be moving them.

So I guess they does have computers.
Anyway, stuff like this makes me feel
like things will work themselves out
if we all just chill the fuck out.

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  1. Jimmy Chen

      he looks like david koresh

  2. Janey Smith

      Dude, let’s get high.

  3. Jimmy Chen

      he looks like david koresh

  4. Blake Butler

      i have watched this way way too many times now

  5. efferny jomes

      The stuttering/image-flipping beginning at 1:31 is absolutely hilarious and reminds me of omgtsn’s youtube videos

  6. Nico

      Are rat tails coming back? Seriously? Please say no.