March 28th, 2011 / 12:32 pm

Can someone tell me what this is and why it’s everywhere?


  1. Brendan W

      You scan it with your phone and the advertisement enters you

  2. Pontius J. LaBar
  3. Matthew Simmons

      Illuminati wants your mind, soul, and your body.

  4. Anonymous

      Fuck this is so weird

      “QR codes have been used in Japanese cemeteries on grave markers as a way to share additional information and unite mourners. No examples of this outside Japan are known.”

  5. Dreezer

      Very informative, thanks. I assumed it was evil but didn’t know for certain.

  6. Sean

      This exact thing is on all lotto tickets in Indiana.

  7. Ryan Call


  8. Pontius J. LaBar

      I’m sure by the end of this comment threat someone will be composing their next short novel entirely in QR codes.

  9. M. Kitchell

      hyperlinked reality bros

  10. Tummler
  11. deadgod

      ha ha ha

      it was “so hard” for me – never heard of ‘quick response’/matrix barcodes

      (might have guessed that the images are an identifying code)

      two questions:

      1) how could someone use a search engine to find the name of a category of images without knowing what to call them? – only by googling something (for the above example) like ‘square array of rectangles in two colors’ (which I wasn’t patient enough to pursue)?

      I mean to ask whether there’s an image search engine, like a face-recognition or fingerprint-matching program, only more generalized

      2) are there three-dimensional matrices used to label things?

  12. kb


      By which I mean Hollywood Hulk Hogan, the real puppetmaster of our society.

  13. Anonymous

      This is so cool because I have always been frustrated by my inability to interface fully with advertising. Why can’t I follow up on an ad, learn more, engage with the product, etc.? I don’t want the experience to end with simply viewing the advertisement– I want the advertisement to be the start of my journey into complete product immersion.

  14. Sean

      Feeling old. How did you make it Google it for me?

  15. Caleb Ross
  16. Anonymous

      i’m ok with this

  17. deadgod

      ha ha

      “member: team [product]”

      wasn’t there a car – an ‘exclusive’ (= $$ > ass) purchase – that encouraged a ‘journey into product immersion’

      don’t many objects/services-for-sale have websites where a purchaser can join, play, belong

      – even books? aren’t there one or two websites that are blogs-that-flog-literary-product-immersion??

      ha ha ha ha ha

  18. anon
  19. Erica Mena

      I’m working on a literary project involving these too – though as a publisher not a writer for the moment. But also, it’s the same kind of technology (not exactly, but uses the same principles) that drives this:

  20. Anonymous
  21. david fishkind

      jesus i was wondering that too that’s so dumb

  22. Russ

      i thought it was dumb until i realized i can make any text i want into a weird secret code picture and now i kind of love it.