Featherproof, Birds LLC, Flying Object and more

Posted by @ 1:47 pm on January 24th, 2011

HOLY SHIT! Featherproof does it again. WHAT THE HELL IS STORIGAMI? It’s stories laid out into a foldable fashion — which you print, fold, read and unfold and unread — it’s really neat — the stories change as you turn them into animals. Kathryn Regina, Zach Dodson himself, Daniela Olszewska and I wrote them (mine’s a pig!), with Brad Nagle and Zach doing the hefty design work. This might be old news, though, if you already read the story in NYLON.

Augury Books — a new poetry press in NYC — looks neat — at least judging by the poems they’re reprinting at their site in anticipation of their coming out party — Ben Lerner, Kimiko Hahn, Stacy Szymaszek and more. They don’t have a first title lined up yet — there’s a contest to decide who it’ll be (you can enter for $20 if you aren’t affiliated with the press) — find out more about the contest and their impressive inaugural reading — on Wednesday — at their website.

Also, that gang Birds, LLC has a big ToDo in NYC on Friday. One of the few books I’m looking to pick up at AWP is Sommer Browning’s Either Way I’m Celebrating which they published late last year. This reading — for the Stain of Poetry — features Dan Boehl, Browning herself, Elisa Gabbert, Justin Marks, Emily Pettit, Sampson Starkweather and Chris Tonelli. Fine feathered friends.

What else? I just received an early copy of The Orange Suitcase by Joseph Riippi. It comes out in March, and it’s one to remember.

Last night I watched and loved Winter’s Bone.

And here, via Daniel Nester at WWAATD, is Jessie Carty’s interesting post about double-publishing.

Or would you prefer to watch a video? Here:¬†Michael Filippone video-reviews Ben Spivey’s book, Flowing in the Gossamer Fold.

And to round out this round up with more aviary things: Check out Flying Object, a new independent bookstore. Sure, it’s in Amherst, MA (what isn’t?) — but there’s a lot to explore at their chock-full¬†website.