December 13th, 2013 / 2:49 pm

can you tell me abt yr first kiss?


  1. theTsaritsa

      It was sloppy.

  2. Ryan Bradford

      I was a freshmen in HS, which I think is later than most. RR, a year older, asked me to the Sadie Hawkins dance, which was “Western” themed. Because I hadn’t had that much experience with girls, I was extremely nervous and couldn’t make conversation. I think I spent most of the evening complimenting her ability to drive in a snow storm (it was snowing). After the dance, she took me home and, while idling in the driveway, she leaned over to kiss me. I reciprocated with an approximation that I’d seen in movies. There was no tongue, but she had very soft lips. I quickly left and called my friend to tell him how awesome it was. RR and I later became friends.

  3. mimi

      he was sixteen
      i was twelve
      it was in a movie theatre

  4. lorian long

      first real ‘french kiss’ was during ‘Scream’ when tim meyers and iwere in the theatre and i had braces and he had braces and i was wearing something from ‘the buckle’ and ‘american eagle’ and he leaned over to kiss me and he smelled like plaster and it was so wet and so full of drool that i have difficulty to this day with ppl who generate too much spit. my mom came in about 20 minutes later and pulled me out of the theatre because she found out i was seeing an R-rated movie and we were mormon

  5. Matthew Simmons

      Romantic, you mean? School stairwell. She kissed me as an afterthought, having no clue that it was the first time someone had kissed me.

  6. Janey Smith

      melissa adams in the kitchen at dave moody’s party i cut my tongue on her braces

  7. bemightee

      upstairs in my room in the middle of watchng gone with the wind with a girl who was way into gone with the wind. she later went to a conservative school and i went to a liberal one.

  8. postitbreakup

      brandon baker…. don’t remember much about it… also tried giving him head for like 2 seconds and felt very proud of myself but he said i used teeth

  9. rawbbie

      first kiss on the lips was with ST, 7th grade. we were ‘going out’ and we would kiss and hug at school and hold hands. we didn’t tongue kiss till way way later and actually hooked up a few times some, 17 years later. so weird.

  10. rawbbie

      this is my favorite one here