December 13th, 2013 / 2:51 pm

when in life have you felt most alone?


  1. deadgod

      When a gun was pointed at me, I wished I were more alone.

  2. jeremy

      I was about six and sitting alone in my greek grandmothers basement in kansas city, MO. It was raining and we were waiting for sunday lunch to be ready. I was just starring at the old NES game system sitting on top of the tv, next to the filled up ash trays of my uncles who used the basement as a smoking den. I suddenly recall feeling this sense of time stretching out in front of me like an endless ribbon. I think in that moment I learned what loneliness and boredom meant.

  3. Matthew Simmons

      On the internet.

  4. Janey Smith

      415 202 4378

  5. Gabby Bess

      since you left new york :(

  6. Melissa Broder


  7. Melissa Broder

      i told ryan he had 2 comment on these posts

  8. bemightee

      when trying to fit in with a group of people and realizing i was failing miserably.

  9. Chris

      October 28th 1995. Halloween weekend Guided by Voices concert. One handful of mushrooms. Montreal.

  10. postitbreakup

      i keep thinking i can’t feel any more alone than i have already
      but then i do

  11. Nick vd Veerdonk

      When I took 3 tabs of acid and met God

  12. Nick vd Veerdonk

      I hear that