December 23rd, 2013 / 1:59 am


  1. abe

      some of these are pajama pants, not sweat pants

  2. mimi

      read the fine print:

      *sweatpants broadly defined

  3. Mark Cugini

      Threw me off, too.

  4. Shannon

      The funniest part to me is how amazing men think it is that women like to be comfortable. It cracks me up.

  5. Mark Cugini


  6. Shannon

      It just amuses me. 90% of the men I’ve ever known are entirely delighted by ladies in sweatpants etc. It just makes me giggle. If that’s not what you meant sorry it’s what came to mind. And it made me smile. So did the project I followed them on tumblr.

  7. Mark Cugini

      Can’t speak for that 90% you know. But personally, I’m delighted when people feel comfortable.

  8. Shannon

      I like it when people express delight is probably what I should have said. It in turn makes me feel delight, and I giggle. Ugh I had too much sugar and can’t brain well today.

  9. Mark Cugini

      Sugar is good! So is giggling!

  10. deadgod
  11. Jeremy Hopkins

      people be always perpetuating the myth that poets hang on patios

  12. deadgod

      That’s a chilling poem, isn’t it?

  13. mimi

      meanwhile, the squirrels be chillin’ in my backyard, with fig and persimmon tree, shingle roof for hiding nuts under, a tall fence, and a terrier to taunt

  14. Shannon

      It was good until it turned on me. Then I morphed into a cranky toddler. I should be ashamed but I’m not.

  15. Jeremy Hopkins

      I’ll say. There’s not only a typo, they also double-tapped the sentences. Am I doing it wrong? Someone told me this was okay –>. <–
      Seriously though, I didn't find the poem particularly effective. It's a topic I've thought about on my own, so the poem's directness didn't get to me like it might to some. I wouldn't say it's bad, just not for me.
      What did you like about it?

  16. Jeremy Hopkins

      ^ Squirrel Heaven Superintendent

  17. mimi

      few things could make my evening even better – searching out someone else’s typo is one of them – thanks Jermey hopkins

  18. mimi

      yep, that’s me
      in my dream job incarnation

  19. Mark Cugini

      good lord, good grab, deadgod.