March 25th, 2014 / 2:07 pm

what r u having 4 lunch?


  1. A D Jameson

      Stale Cheerios I picked out of the trash, plus stray hairs and lint I’m feeling too lazy to brush off.

  2. Timmy Reed

      I was just sucking on my own saliva until your post reminded me that it was important to put nutrients inside me. Thank you for that!

  3. bartleby_taco

      tuna melt at 4 pm

      roommate was watching law & order so loud on phone that i thought it was a television

  4. Bryan Truitt

      i broke my fast around noon today. i think it is fair to call that meal ‘lunch’.

      i had a poached egg, kimchi, braised kale, roasted carrots+potatoes+fennel, toasted bread, butter, gravlax, and kombucha.

      after my meal, i drank coffee.

  5. mimi

      salad bar at genova deli yo

  6. M.G. Martin

      you know, a little: 김치 볶음밥 and 갈비 만도. a typical lunch for an expat in seoul.

  7. markbaumer

      woah carbs

  8. Gene Morgan

      Frosted Shredded Wheat

  9. mimi

      is that bowl glazed to look like dripping milk dripping all round the edges????

  10. Gene Morgan

      I never thought of it that way, but yes.

  11. Gene Morgan

      Feel like I have a new level of appreciation for my bowl now, mimi.