April 14th, 2014 / 10:15 am

Do you know how to drive stick?


  1. mimi


  2. Adam Robinson


  3. Joseph Riippi


  4. Daniel Beauregard


  5. deadgod

      I can drive a car or truck with a manual transmission, but it’d be an adventure. (I once drove a truck with two “sticks” from Reno to Sacramento. Shakily.)

      Does a motorcycle count? (That is, a manual/pedal shifting of gears, but no actual “stick”.)

      I guess a tiller is a kind of “stick”. Only the one ‘gear’, though. Great fun, but trickier than it looks.

      Or do you mean an aeronautical contraption? That kind of “stick”, I’d fear only ‘driving’ once. But I’d try it before I’d try, say, prayer.

      …or do you mean flying on a stick?

  6. Jeremy Hopkins


  7. Brooks Sterritt

      only in the Big Body Benz

  8. Brooks Sterritt

      i read this and was like “Of course Adam knows how to drive stick” for some reason

  9. Scott Riley Irvine

      No, but I was once forced to learn how to get from a highway-adjacent gas station to said highway an hour outside New Orleans when the driver was about to pass out from exhaustion.

  10. A D Jameson

      I can drive stick, but I can’t drive automatic.

  11. DJ Sweeney

      heck, I learned on a stick. burned out the clutch while driving through a cemetery. my grandpa, who was teaching me, thought the smell was them cremating bodies..

  12. Richard Grayson

      No, and I’ve been driving since 1967, when I was 16.

  13. RM O'Brien


  14. jereme_dean

      yes and i can parallel park, too.

      i mean, back when I was able to drive.

  15. shaun gannon


      don’t care