July 28th, 2014 / 11:44 pm

CALL TO ACTION: if a person invites you to their author/book page less than 24 hours after you’ve accepted their friend request, block them and report them for spam.


  1. Adam Robinson

      Would you do this to a person who, like, I dunno, was into independent motocross or selling homemade pillows? I might not like their Facebook page for it, but I would be genuinely interested. For the book person though, yeah, I’d be repulsed — but that’s not the offending author’s fault any more than the motocross person.

  2. Brian McElmurry

      marketing is bad unless you’re cool, right? Reblog your friends and spam the dorks. unless they’re vetted writers then–SPAM SPAM SPAM. Call to action people. Oh, wait this person is cool and is reblogged, shared and retweeted by someone cool then they aren’t spam, right? LOL, I’m talking shit! :D

  3. Bobby Dixon

      We should just _know_ when good books are out. Like a subliminal or sub lingual — i would be happy w/ a sub rosa — form of marketing

  4. Bobby Dixon

      never mind this is a horrible idea

  5. Mark Cugini

      marketing is the shit. sell to me all day. you don’t need to be my internet friend to sell to me.

  6. Mark Cugini

      Am really into the idea that you’re really into homemade pillows.

  7. Brian McElmurry

      Nice :-)

  8. Joe Pan

      You could always just create a Facebook page & invite all of them to a sex party in the jungle on a specific date a year or so in advance, so that they know what they’ve gotten themselves into.

  9. jereme_dean

      maybe, and this is just me, be less passive-aggressive and tell them directly what their doing is bullshit. then disfriend them.

  10. Andrew Keating

      I’m a big fan of people who say “I’ve officially liked your page. Please reciprocate,” to which I always respond, “I unofficially disliked your request.” Is liking a page or post an official act? Does giving a thumbs-up on Facebook require me, legally, to demonstrate a liking for the thing that I gave a thumbs-up to?