August 25th, 2009 / 2:46 pm

PH MADORE asked me to post this for him:


if you pledge to write ten (or more) articles over ten (or more) weeks at, i’ll have a free copy of LITTLE WHITE POETRY JOURNAL sent to you. you have to be one of the first five people to pledge.

if you write a decently legit blog/tumblr/whatever post describing how you wish you had a copy in your hands and how much you enjoyed the free online archives, and you are one of the first three people to do this, i will send you a free copy.

there is way more information about little white poetry journal seven at you can also e-mail jac jemc and ask her about it, she edited it after all. i’m just the chump clearing the way for it to happen.

submissions for the eighth issue can be sent to, i guess.


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