Posted by @ 3:30 pm on October 1st, 2009

Hey, check out this transcript fromĀ an NPR report on the idyllic life of poet Jim Harrison. It’s bizarre because it weaves through biographical notes by the host and interjections by Harrison. I suppose it makes sense if you watch it, but reading it is funnier:

JEFFREY BROWN: After years of barely scraping by and refusing offers of academic positions, Harrison made his money and began living the high life in Hollywood, writing films like “Wolf” for Jack Nicholson, who became a friend.

JIM HARRISON: … look at those juices.

JEFFREY BROWN: Harrison also became known for his legendary eating and drinking. Food, for Harrison, is more than just one of life’s small pleasures. His motto is “eat or die.” He wrote a food column for Esquire magazine for many years, and he and Linda, his wife of almost 50 years, still cook and feast together.

They shared with us what Harrison thought of as a modest meal of roasted wild pig, homegrown vegetables, and fine wine.

JIM HARRISON: And it’s an especially flavorful pork. It’s perfectly cooked, Clementine.

Here’s a poem called “Rooster”: “I have to kill the rooster tomorrow. He’s being an asshole,” . . .