December 11th, 2009 / 2:56 pm

Johannes Göransson posted an excellent rumination about the Gurlesque on his blog, including considerations of Kenneth Anger, Lara Glenum, Jack Smith, kitsch, and other: “It’s interesting to me how descriptions of kitsch and trash almost always come in lists. Whether it’s Rimbaud’s “Parade,” Walt Whitman, Ginsberg, Clement (and Arielle!) Greenberg: The “poetic crap” (Rimbaud) always come in these long lists. It’s as if there was an implicit notion of montage in the junk. No wonder Dada, Cornell, Rauschenberg etc etc made collages and assemblages out of this excrement. Our idea of kitsch is already as a pile of crap that we have to wade through. It lacks hierarchy or narrative. We have to wade through it. Just a bunch of excrement.”

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