March 18th, 2010 / 2:28 am

In light of yesterday’s “shittalking”: has Tao Lin been cannibalized by “Tao Lin”? Has he fictionalized the commonplace–in the shape of both blog and book–to such an extent that “Tao Lin” the artist has appropriated and swallowed Tao Lin the person? that “Tao Lin” has substituted art with life, or has blended the two? Will his fictions from now on only take place as extensions of the fiction, the theater piece, which he has signed “Tao”? Which Tao Lin is realer: the one who blogs, or the one “out there”? Or does any difference between the two Taos remain?

Or are these simply the demands, more or less, of writing what we might call “a singular vision” in 2010? Are there alternate paths with different demands–is such a path desirable?

Is “Tao Lin” the most quiet transgressor? Or is his style just another wave of the “meta” bullshit that’s been around forever? (I don’t think that’s true, but…)

I’m not “shittalking.” Just talking.

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