October 5th, 2010 / 5:35 pm

Craven self-promotion + craven publisher promotion + actually kind of an interesting way to get one’s work out = Keyhole is now offering to let you pay for minibooks (like mine) and full titles (like the previously mentioned book by Matt Bell) with a tweet.


  1. herocious

      I paid with a tweet. Twice.

  2. herocious

      Three times now.

  3. darby

      i dont understand it

  4. darby

      oky, maybe kind of understand it now. not so much paying for a book as it is being employed to promote it, with it as payment.

  5. darby

      strange though to promote something before getting the thing. promote the thing, then get the thing? kind of backwards.

  6. Matthew Simmons

      Possibly, sure. I know that a precedent for this came from bands giving away a new single using the Pay with a Tweet apparatus. One assumes a band can at least stream the single somewhere, and then, if you have enjoyed the snippet/stream, you could pay with a tweet and get a higher audio quality copy.

      In this case, a snippet of THE MOON TONIGHT…appears on the Keyhole page. But it’s a very short piece.

  7. Matthew Simmons

      Thank you kindly!

  8. darby

      i didnt mean to come off snarky there. seems like an interesting idea. its kind of the way it already happens anyway.

  9. Matthew Simmons

      no, i didn’t think you did. curious to see how this will go over as well.

  10. deadgod

      How are these promotions ‘cowardly’??

  11. Matthew Simmons

      Because instead of straight-up saying “I did this, and you should buy it,” I’m pretending it has something to do with a larger conversation about literature. I am not owning up to my desire to self-promote.

  12. deadgod

      Hmm. So what’s “craven” isn’t the promotion itself, but rather the appearance of the promotion as a “lit blog” piece.

      But the first word in the blogicle proper is “[c]raven” – an assertive, even aggressive, place for a cringe-spotlighting word. That is, you have “owned up to [your] desire to self-promote” – with an anti-greedhead-rant-neutralizing paradox.

      Well, that’s a nicely literary “because”, Matthew. I thought you might simply have mistaken “craven” for ‘grasping; unapologetically craving‘.

  13. Matthew Simmons

      That, my dear deadgod, is the story to which I will be sticking.

  14. Stephen

      Applies only for online lit and ebooks, right? Bummer.