October 8th, 2010 / 9:20 pm


  1. michael

      i want to do it, but i feel like it’s admitting defeat w/r/t snaking a galley.

  2. michael

      how many points do i get for using ‘w/r/t’ in a post about david foster wallace?

  3. michael

      i am and but so cool

  4. Guest

      you are my cool guy

  5. Guest

      dfw yall
      dfw yall
      wtf yall
      dfw yall
      dfw yall
      ftw yall
      fml yall
      fyl yall
      fyi yall

  6. Kyle Minor

      The cover is beautiful.

  7. Guest

      Really? I think it needs a veil.

  8. Guest

      i like the cover

      seems really sweet

      seems to “conflate” the title and the public persona of dfw within a single “classic image”

      seems very “tasteful” and “dignified”

  9. darby

      i am having expectations

  10. peter b

      I am very sad

  11. Guest

      sorry bro

  12. Kurt BroBain

      You’re right. It is probably your fault. He might have accidentally clicked on your name.

  13. michael

      speaking of dfw and kings, does anyone know of a good artist’s rendition of the poster that hal & schact give to mike pemulis with the picture of a king and the caption, “yes, i’m paranoid– but am i paranoid enough?”

  14. Guest


      did some anonybro just diss me “out of nowhere”

      this is exciting

      what’s really good, kurt

      tell em y u mad, doggie

  15. lorian

      think i will wait for the midnight release party

  16. Bummer Patrol


  17. michael

      snape kills dumbledore

  18. lorian

      hi michael, i imagine that poster the way i imagine the okcomuputer poster above my bedi am very drnk rigt no t now.

  19. adam moo

      me too