April 29th, 2011 / 4:00 pm

“Yet underneath its surface challenges, THERE IS NO YEAR turns out to be deeply honest and emotional, a family drama that by its end brings on feelings as complex and satisfying as those summoned by Faulkner’s simple sentence “They endured.”—Joseph Salvatore, New York Times Sunday Book Review


  1. kb

      I am writing a review for a local zine, though I have yet to receive it in the mail and read it (thank you, Aunt Lori, for the Amazon gift card). Committing to a review before reading it is new to me. I feel like falling into… ugh, “feeling” (right?), Scorch Atlas, has perhaps prepared me for this one, but we’ll see. I have never done a positive/negative type analysis, though, that’s not my concern… despite… you know, being an ass on the innernets sometimes.

      I believe that Butler’s work is (one) of the extensions that should (is supposed to?) be done right now. I KNOW I’m not “the judge”. I’m getting progressively more anxious for the fucker to arrive.

  2. bobby

      “The only thing that made the family different from the copy family was instead of teeth the copy family’s mouths were lined with mold. As well, the copy son appeared exhausted, sticky. He had dark meat around his eyes.”

      So good. That sentence gives me a decent charge.