December 12th, 2011 / 6:56 pm

You ever walked out of a film?


  1. Voorface

      Only to piss.

  2. Jimmy Chen
  3. lealea

      Robin Hood: Men in Tights. :-|

  4. Gus Guest

      Mystic River. Overwrought garbage.

  5. M. Kitchell

      not that i’ve paid for

      i left Man Who Fell to Earth an hour and a half into it the second time i saw it in theaters in two months recently, because to be fair the first hour and a half is the only interested part

  6. Scott Riley Irvine

      The new Indiana Jones movie. And it was a free showing on campus.

  7. MJ

       I can’t like your comment. I love that movie. I almost want to cry because you don’t like it. If I strap you to a chair and make you want it a hundred times, will you like it then?

  8. MJ

      I walked out on Babel, but only because my girlfriend at the time was really horny. I walked out on Transformers 3 because, while watching giant robots fuck each other up is fun, it was too long, I was too tired, and too faded. Otherwise, to quote: My momma aint raise no quitter.

  9. Grog

      The Preacher’s Wife

  10. Ken Baumann

      X-Men 3 (X-Men: The Last Stand). 

  11. Matthew Simmons

      My dad and I went to see the second Bill and Ted movie. We didn’t walk out, but a couple who were there I guess mostly just to make out did.

  12. WF Householder

      I’ve been disappointed enough in plenty to walk out, but was usually with others, so I just sucked it up and made snide comments to my fellow viewers. But two that stand out are The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover–at the time I couldn’t handle what I felt was the gratuitous violence–and Mr. Destiny, as it was entirely too predictable.

  13. Matthew Simmons

      A buddy of mine was really into Star Trek when he was a teenager, and he told me a story about a woman, apparently famous among Trekkers, who saw Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan a whole bunch of times but would always get up and leave the theater right before Spock died as a sort of protest.

  14. MB

      Across the Universe

  15. Matt Rowan

      Three of them that I can recall. Young Einstein starring Yahoo Serious when I was approx three/four years old? The Simpsons Movie (demanded my money back for that one, though I should have just not gone, since I knew full well the series has become a complete train wreck). And the latest Pirates of the Caribbean terribleness.

  16. Matt Rowan

      Probably not but I will like your comment, MJ. (I do like Men in Tights, also.) 

  17. Anonymous

      In the dome?

  18. Trey

      saw the managing editor of a pretty well known university lit mag walk out of Somewhere, presumably to make out with his date.

  19. Trey


  20. Rob

      Hausu. Walked out to get high. Realized the movie wasn’t any better this way. Walked out for real.

  21. jubal

      Frances. Couldn’t take the ECT scenes.

  22. Brandi Wells

      Anchorman and also, Something’s gotta give.

      Decided I’d rather go home and take a nap than watch either of them.

  23. Shane


  24. Deadgodfan1

      i walked out of “Curious Case of Benjamin Button”

  25. Matthew Simmons

      Blind item.

  26. Trey

      I feel a little better

  27. Anonymous

      I’m almost always blackout drunk when I’m in a movie theater.

  28. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      I once got kicked out of the audience during an Ionesco play.

      People still go to movies?

  29. Michael Filippone

      That is the saddest scene I have ever seen in a film.

  30. John Minichillo

      When I was maybe 13 I begged my mom to take me to Quest for Fire. I’d seen a “making of” show about the artistry, and how there was no dialogue, an entire film without dialogue. We had HBO, so I’d seen R rated flicks, but no way were my parents going to let me be corrupted at the local cineplex or put the poor ticket attendant in an awkward position. I swear not even 5 minutes into the movie the cave people are doing it doggie-style and my mom yanks me out of there too flustered to even talk about it. I saw the movie when I was older, and I really didn’t miss much. Cave people or not, dialogue might have been a better choice.

  31. Matt Rowan

      BOOOOOO! It’s got electrolytes! 

  32. Willard

      When I was little, I went to see A Bug’s Life with my dad and brother and when we got there, some asshat who worked at the cinema told us that the showtimes for A Bug’s Life were incorrect, that there wouldn’t be another showing for about two hours, and that we could see two movies for the price of one because of the inconvenience. So we watched about half of Mighty Joe Young and decided to go to the room for A Bug’s Life, just to see what was up. We walked in and A Bug’s Life was more than halfway finished and we were all like, “What the fuck?”

  33. William VanDenBerg

      Did they give you your money back?  Do theaters ever do that if you don’t like to movie?  Is is ever reasonable to ask for your money back?  Does anyone walk into a theater without knowing kinda what to expect?

      These are questions.

      I saw The Simpsons Movie at a dollar theater in Ohio the day after I finished cleaning out my grandparent’s house, who had been moved to assisted living/hospice center.  The combination of a buffet dinner and serviceable, familiar comedy was nice, if ultimately unfulfilling.

  34. Zacharygerman


  35. Matt Rowan

      I felt pretty justified. And I did get my money back. So that was nice. I only stayed for about 20 minutes or so, which might have helped? I demanded my money back as a form of protest, as I saw it then, protesting the fact that The Simpsons wasn’t given a dignified exit from television, and instead cynical executives ok’d a theatrical version of a show that was already threadbare on ideas. But I’m no hero. 

  36. elizabeth ellen

      i walk out of movies all the time. boredom, being number one reason. i’d rather read in the lobby (or listen to car radio) and wait. this, however, tends to annoy the person/people you’re with. fyi. (i walked out of Take Shelter saturday night.)

  37. Roxane

      If I had been alone, I would have walked out of The Muppets. I also almost walked out of The Immortals.

  38. ross

      Went to see Nacho Libre with some friends and my x-girlfriend for some reason.  I got exorbitantly high before hand and remember thinking that the movie was a kind of secret commentary on mexican-american stereotypes guised as a comedy (whatever that means).  My x was drunk and after a while I decided it would be a good idea to hold and rub her hand which she didn’t seem to mind and returned the favor which made me hard.  She got up to go to the bathroom so I waited for her in the aisle and when she came back I put my hand down her pants, pushed her against the fuzzy sound dampening wall, and made out with her for a while before asking if she wanted to go to the bathroom.  She did.  We fucked in a stall in the women’s room.  I remember being especially glad that we picked the women’s room and not the men’s room.  Jack Black, forgive us.  Hallowed be thy name.

  39. lealea

      Then I would be the crying one!

  40. Tyler Christensen

      shanghai-fuckin-nights. yeah, you saw it. 

  41. Tim Horvath

      Walked out of “Firewall” starring Harrison Ford. I was with my 2 year old daughter. It was showing as part of “Reel Moms,” which was basically cheap movies at pre-matinee times with changing tables set up in the front row to attract recent parents who hadn’t gotten out to see a flick post-umbilical-snipping. When Ford’s character’s family got taken hostage and duct-taped, I started to think that maybe it was time to go check out Curious George and a fresh batch of Sno-Caps.

  42. Ester

      Only once. Darkman. Long ago. After watching gangsters gleefully chop off some guy’s fingers with a cigar clipper (if memory serves) they stick the mangled corpse up through a manhole cover and a car crushes what’s left of him. The moment the car hit the bloody face, the whole theater behind me burst into enthusiastic laughter. I walked the fuck out of there to go sit under and tree and shake. To be fair, though, I’d walked out not so much because of the film but because of the audience.

  43. shaun gannon

      i wish it smash cut from the ~90-min mark to the very last shot, it would be perfect

  44. Samantha

      I have to leave the theater building once during every film so I don’t feel trapped.

      Pirates of the Caribbean and Boxing Helena. Both just way too painful.

  45. JSA Lowe

      V.I. Warshawski. And now I feel really, really old. 

  46. shaun gannon

      i fell asleep watching harriet the spy at the drive-in movie theater and my mom drove home, does that count

  47. Jason Teal

      O yea. The Last Airbender. I had a good laugh there for 45 min and then I said no more.

  48. David Fishkind

      cyrus. but then i saw it on tv a year later and liked it

  49. Matthew Salesses

      Inception. Wife got sick and sleepy. Watched the rest later. Shouldn’t have.

  50. 88888888888888888888888

      The Rum Diary. Terrible.

  51. Daniel Bailey

      not out of a theater. i did get up and leave a friend’s house with the farewell of “THIS MOVIE IS FUCKING STUPID.” about half an hour into hard candy starring ellen page and some other goofball.

  52. Matthew Simmons

      I have been, and always will be, your friend.

  53. guywatchingbowling

      legends of the fall

  54. Michael Filippone

      I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

  55. M. Kitchell

      at the theater i work at, i think you can get a refund if you leave the film after 30 minutes or less

  56. andrew

      walked out “tree of life” after 28 seconds

  57. Madison Langston

      does falling asleep count? I fell asleep during The Butterfly Effect. Also, walked out of Pirates of the Caribbean #3, whatever it’s called. We had to leave because my little sister fell asleep and drooled on the guy beside her. Whenever I picked her up to leave I accidentally hit the dude in the face with her foot. And my sisters made me sit in the front row and buy like $50 worth of candy, it was a nightmare.

  58. Darby Larson

      i go to the movies so rarely it doesnt occur to me to walk out, like i’m partly just kind of amazed to be in a theater with other people and i can kind of mentally distance myself from the film and consider the environment of the theater room with people’s heads in front of me and the exit sign and where is the next cough going to come from.

      if i hadnt been with people i would have walked out of the family stone i remember hating that every line of that one diane keaton is a horrible person i think

  59. Darby Larson

      i dont think falling asleep counts because at least it must have had a calming effect.

  60. alanrossi

      haha, good one. and now i keep visualizing some person doing this at all Tree of Life showings.  like, probably someone who looks like an aging dad.  but not 28 seconds, more like two. 

  61. werdfert

      while watching Interview with a Vampire, a friend of mine and i smuggled in the following items under our winter jackets in autumn: one 2 liter bottle Mt. Dew, one 2 liter bottle Diet Coke, one family size bag Cool Ranch Doritos, one family size bag Original Flavor Doritos, one large bag Peanut M&M’s. we consumed the contents in their entirety over the course of two hours. towards the end, i couldn’t bare the pressure on my bladder that all of the soda was making and i had to rush out of the theater, missing the part where Kirsten Dunst gets turned to dust.

  62. Judson


  63. american motherfucker

      when i saw “enter the void” a number of people walked out during the money shot

  64. Jim

      I walked out of that “Crazy, Stupid, Love” movie recently. I thought it would be some nice, mindless fun. It was truly terrible. 

  65. Jim

      I also wanted to walk out of The Muppets, but yeah, was with three other people.