March 29th, 2012 / 9:04 am

Found Item, Muncie, IN.


  1. Nick Moran
  2. leapsloth14


  3. deadgod

      yes whirled

      “heteronormotivity” is a fine pun

      Feb 10 frustration is perfectly put, and Jan 03 illflustrates the process it hegemocks

      Mar 24 unintelligible; whole other dissert for elaboration needed

  4. Nate Logan

      That’s the Funcie I know and love.

  5. Ponsford McQuain

      there are only three peer-reviewed journals that won’t take bribes still operating in the US. ¬†Of those, Happy Dog Mom has the most readers.

  6. Anonymous

      no it isn’t

  7. Kevin Sampsell

      Is that Coach Taylor? I’d do as he says.