April 11th, 2012 / 8:04 pm

Some have serious heat. Some have flavor. I’m looking for both. What is your favorite hot sauce? Links would be fine.




  1. Anonymous
  2. Anonymous

      Sriracha. Duh.

  3. leapsloth14

      Yeh, I know Sriracha, all do, so lay off the Duh. But it is representative of what I’m saying: flavor and heat. 

  4. Lazy Fascist

      I second Aardvark. Just cooked some of that into a breakfast scramble this morning.

      Tapatio also ends up in a lot of my food. (http://www.tapatiohotsauce.com/)

      I’m sort of addicted to the hottest sauce at Pepino’s (http://pepinos.org/), which is down the street from my office. A burrito w/ tortilla chips is only $3.25, so I end up there a lot. Their hot sauce is thick, smoky, and robust. Almost like a chipotle salsa, but more confrontational. Sometimes I go there just to eat that hot sauce. (http://pepinos.org/)

      The house-made sauces at Santeria (http://thesanteria.com/) are consistently great. Santeria is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Portland.

  5. rawbbie

      you must be a Portlander, or at least visited…

  6. postitbreakup

      frank’s red hot not good enough for yeh??

  7. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      sriracha is my everyday sauce. but was given a bottle of d.l. jardine’s blazin’ saddle as a present. was surprised by its flavor. not too hot you can’t taste what it is you put it on. i usually hate that. but good. a good hot. with a pleasant taste. well worth the price. well worth a try. 

  8. Anonymous

      I’m a fan of ye ole Tapatio. 

  9. rawbbie

      I like Cholula (I think the Tapatio guy should marry the Cholula girl).

      I also really like Holy Jolokia, which is crazy hot and made at my MFA school, NMSU.

  10. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      i lived in cruces for a bit. grew a jolokia but moved before i could taste the pepper. can only imagine it was super hot. i left the plant with a friend. not sure what happened to it. living in cruces was great for my hot sauce/hot pepper addiction. 

  11. Erin Fitzgerald

      Jolokia is pain in a bottle. It’s what they use to make pepper spray. Dave’s Gourmet sometimes offers its jolokia sauce in a little wooden coffin, but not seeing that option there now.

  12. bg
  13. bg
  14. reynard

      tiger sauce

      but it all depends on context: i second sriracha as a great everyday sauce (as in, ‘this popcorn is good but it would be better with a little blot of sriracha’ cholula is also acceptable & of course valentina es el boss man de la comida mejicana

  15. Jarrett Haley

      There’s hotter stuff than this but it is damn tasty. http://www.micanopygold.com/

  16. herocious

      it’s not hot sauce, but it has the most interesting heat i’ve encountered: wasabi: so intense, and then it’s gone. clean.

  17. lorian long

      fuck sriracha. dave’s insanity ghost pepper special sauce is, like, the monster cock of hot sauces, i think. there’s a tater-tots place in sf that makes u sign a waiver if u order it, just in case u die. i love it. 

  18. lorian long

      texas pete is like water but it’s delicious and necessary to survive, too. 

  19. Brooks Sterritt

      wtf is this picture mane

  20. M. Kitchell

      uhm u, me, tater-tots place, ASAP

  21. Mark Folse

      Crystal is the real shit, spicy and vinegary with a hint of sweetness. Being a New Orleans boy, I’ve tried every one I have found and never found Crystal improved on. (I do keep a bottle of Siracha in the house, though, mostly as a substitute forLa  Preferida Salsa Brava on Mexican food, but those are chili and horseradish sauces, and don’t fit my chauvinistic Louisiana definition of “hot sauce”.)

      I’m still looking for 3.3 ounce bottles I can carry when I travel.

  22. Anonymous

      Put 15-20 habanero peppers, 3-4 medium tomatoes, and 5-6 cloves of garlic under the broiler until blistered and slightly charred. Remove stems and seeds from the peppers (try not to touch the peppers with your hands), quarter the tomatoes and garlic, and throw it all in the blender. Add juice of 1 lime (or more or less to taste) and blend until smooth. Hot enough to burn your fucking face off, but also has depth and complexity of flavor, different facets of which are accentuated when used with different foods. Essential. I keep a quart or so of this stuff on hand at all times.

  23. lorian long

      u got it

  24. Steve Halle

      If you have to buy instead of making your own, try Nando’s Extra Hot Peri-Peri sauce or Iguana Bold Gold Habanero sauce. Both deliver on flavor and heat.

  25. Anonymous

      Portlander, but unbiased. I’ve lived everywhere and though I have a bad memory, I’m pretty sure Aardvark is my favorite hot sauce.

      This stuff is super tasty too, and brown. Kutbil-Ik

      This stuff is hilarious. Ultimate Insanity Sauce

  26. lorian long

      should u remove stems and seeds before broiling? do u use a cooking sheet for everything? i am interested in making this.

  27. lorian long

      crystal, rlly? i never found it spicy at all, but definitely sugared as hell.

  28. lorian long

      valentina is king. i love how surprisingly thick it is, subtle smoke, lotsa depth.

  29. Anonymous

       I’ve always removed the stems and seeds after broiling, but you could probably do it before too. I cook everything on the same cookie sheet. The tomatoes and peppers will cook in about 5-6 minutes, turning once. The garlic will cook a little faster. If your oven is an unevenly-heating piece of shit like mine, you can try keeping the garlic on the cooler side so it doesn’t burn. Otherwise you can put the garlic in a couple minutes after the other stuff. Good luck!

  30. lorian long


  31. Sugar Bear
  32. leapsloth14

       fuck.and. no.

  33. leapsloth14

       You and me need to hang. Fucking well done

  34. leapsloth14

       Ok, I’m doing this. Thanks.

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