July 22nd, 2012 / 7:32 pm

What is the exception to “the book was better than the movie”?


  1. Robin Kelly

      Yellow Bird’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Headhunter films neatly dealt with daft choices/plotting issues that were in the books which bugged me.

  2. Mark Thomas Stevenson

      frank, seriously? i havent caught the film yet tell me you’re joking….

  3. bartleby_taco

      i actually liked woman in the dunes a good amount (book), but i liked the movie better, i think! i couldn’t finish the face of another (book), it was interesting at first but grew boring/tedious pretty fast

  4. Trey

      I haven’t seen Total Recall but I just recently read We Can Remember It for You Wholesale and thought it was not very good. what do you think?

  5. Trey

      Scott Pilgrim vs The World is not better than the Scott Pilgrim series, but I think it does pretty well (maybe the best a movie could do) as an adaptation.

  6. A D Jameson

      Complete agreement, except the book has a better ending than the film.

  7. A D Jameson

      This was my first thought as well.
      (Edit: Ignore this comment.)

  8. A D Jameson

      This was my first thought as well. (For some reason my comment jumped down below.)

  9. A D Jameson

      I love the film, but I also really love the book. But I just adore PKD, think he’s great and very rarely truly adapted.

  10. A D Jameson

      A Scanner Darkly is great book. The adaptation is wonderful, too.

  11. Ultra Vegina

       You’re right. That book is definitively not as good as the movie.

  12. A D Jameson
  13. BillyNerdass

       The book is really good. The movies focus more on the relationship between Kelvin and his wife while the book is more about the nature of the planet. And apparently that really pissed Lem off.

  14. William Owen

      Going askance but the only instance I can think of where Book = Film is Being There. The film has the best ending of all time (better than Diggstown, which someone once very very seriously claimed had the best ending of all time, which is just silly).

  15. Don

      Wonder Boys

  16. Adrian Van Young

      american psycho

  17. William VanDenBerg

      I thought it was one of his better short stories, although it’s not at the level of something like VALIS or Ubik. It thought the plot was well executed, and at the very least it’s entertaining. But the story is really just the twists — it’s not nearly as ambitious his better work.

      The movie is pure glorious Verhoeven trash. It isn’t good by any means, but it is an awful amount of fun.

  18. postitbreakup

      love the film of a scanner darkly

  19. postitbreakup

      see, while i love the shining as a film, i wouldn’t necessarily say it’s “better” than the book because they’re so different. the shining was kubrick creeping us out with his total mastery of tone, the shining book was stephen king writing about his alcoholism with some incidental scares. i like them both for very different reasons. 

  20. postitbreakup

      haha holy shit

      did they ever give a measurement

  21. Tom Beshear

      Yeah, Godfather is the quintessential film that’s better than the novel. Perhaps it’s a generational thing that it took this long for someone to mention it?

  22. Merzmensch

      May I say: Stalker?

      Even if Brother Strugatskys “Roadside Picnic” is pretty funny and stuff, but Tarkovsky did something crazy again. Even if writers (Lem, Struatskys) not really appreciated his interpretations of own works, but: Stalker is genious in the freaky way.

  23. Richard Grayson

      “The Wizard of Oz” and “Gone With the Wind.”

  24. Matt Rowan

      I think the whole Stephen King fascination with the inanimate becoming alive and scary is kind of frustrating. I mean, making the human actor entirely the one responsible is, to me, the scariest aspect of Kubrick’s version — the novel feels like it cops out, by comparison. Not a bad book but not better than the movie. 

  25. Matt Rowan

      Yes, Adam, I have you to thank for my great fondness for the works of PKD! 

  26. A D Jameson

      I am his apostle.

  27. Nick Moran

      How has nobody said Jaws yet?

  28. Nick Moran

      How has nobody said Jaws yet?

  29. Alisha Karabinus

      I think The Virgin Suicides is a fantastic adaptation, and really close to the book… but the pacing near the end of the film ramps up, leaving out a lot of the decay and horror of the girls wasting away. It’s a close race, but in the end, I choose the book.

  30. Noah Cicero

      RULES OF ATTRACTION is one of my favorite movies. But American psycho, informers, less than zero, sticking with the book. 

  31. Kris Hartrum

      Fight Club and Blade Runner are definitely the classic examples.

  32. Michael Sarki

      The recent New Directions publication of the English translation of László Krasznahorkai’s novel Sátántangó was in no way equal to or above the Hungarian director Béla Tarr’s film offering of the same.  Not that the novel was not good, it was. But who could ever compete with the magnificent Béla Tarr film production?