November 28th, 2012 / 1:37 am

To what extent has the Internet ruined your life?


  1. Kyle Minor

      To zero extent. The internet has only made my life better in 73 different ways.

  2. lily hoang


  3. Grant Maierhofer

      the internet has turned my attention span into an elusive bird that quotes nonsense to itself over and over and eats its own shit

  4. lorian long

      somewhere between 2006 and 2010 i chose the internet over the best boyfriend i ever had, so i guess to that extent

  5. Brooks Sterritt

      To the extent of the fax machine, only more so.

  6. lily hoang

      If I sent love letters via fax, that would be a total failure.

  7. Brooks Sterritt

      Enter the Age of the E-Fax!

  8. jmbg

      to some extent. it has probably made me more intelligent–it has definitely made me less personable.

  9. mimi

      thanks to the internet in general and wikipedia in specific, i now Think i know a whole lot more about a whole bunch of things than i actually Do know about them

      and it is now Much More Fun to have conversations With Myself

      and i am a happier, more content, more interesting, interested, engaged, informed and self-assured person because of this

  10. mimi

      And i write a lot of Stoopid comments like the one above

  11. sam salvador

      when i come to this site it sounds like I’m playing Counterstrike again, which was the Internet at its best, all downhill from there

  12. jmbg

      it’s sort of like having an external memory: you don’t know it, but you’ve seen it before and can find it again.

  13. Michael J Seidlinger

      It has completely ruined my life. I need a screen around me at all times.

  14. Nick Mamatas

      Not nearly enough, but it keeps trying.

  15. mimi


      now if only i had a completely comprehensive wikipedia for my own brain/knowledge/memories/dreams etc

  16. jereme_dean

      17-year-old me can never unsee jugofcum.jpg

  17. marshall mallicoat

      i miss cs 1.5 and message boards

  18. Ryan Bradford

      Whoa. I experienced those Counterstrike noises the other night when I had a hundred tabs open (which is usually the case) and couldn’t figure out where they were coming from. I thought they were ghosts.

      No but seriously guys, quit pretending that the internet isn’t the best.

  19. deadgod

      To pretty much the same extent hookers and cocaine have: -/+0.

      (It might be too early to tell.)

  20. William Owen

      I’m bad at internet, like most vices.

  21. Grant Maierhofer

      to the extent that i can more easily list off a smattering of hilarious porno videos than i can reasons i A. love humanity or B. love myself. lol.