June 26th, 2013 / 1:14 pm

After/via Johannes Göransson @ Montevidayo on accessibility vs. allure: maybe the next time someone says a poem should be accessible, someone else should say “No, it should be a bunch of feathers on a long cord.”


  1. Mark Cugini


  2. deadgod

      A poem is pointing at the moon. Is a reader looking for a tennis ball in the hand?

  3. deadgod

      Effective opposition: “access”, camping gear, Scout training, a good map; “lure”, a parachute-drop in.

      ‘Control over’ vs. ‘intimacy with the withdrawn’.

      re Kalbach’s “meaning” meaning ‘single governing interpretation’:

      “meaning” is a name for excess.

      “Meaning” in the sense of ‘being never commensurate with nor contained by understanding’.

      I also liked “allure” as ‘Benjamin’s Baudelaire’: unexchangeable within political economy. An economy of advance and withdrawing — a Dionysus economy.