January 28th, 2011 / 3:46 pm

Mega congratulations to Amelia Gray on selling her third book, tentatively titled THREATS, to FSG! What you know about dat????????? Screwed up clique on the rise.


  1. Josephriippi

      Wow! Congrats, Amelia!

  2. Roxane

      I look forward to reading this. Congratulations, Amelia.

  3. Michael Filippone

      This is great news! I’m reading Museum of the Weird right now. Loving it.

  4. Sean

      Hell yes!!

  5. Aaron G

      nice work, amelia.

  6. Tim Horvath

      Fantastic news!

  7. Catherine Lacey

      Hoorah! FSG continues to pick some of the best ones and that makes me happy.

  8. Lincoln Michel

      Nice, congrats!

  9. stephen

      damn, congrats, amelia!

  10. Clark Knowles

      Fantastic news. Congrats.

  11. Richard Thomas

      wow, fantastic, if this is what i think it is, or even close, then i’m in line to get a copy already – congratulations, AG that’s very exciting news

  12. herocious


  13. cameron pierce

      Sweet. This is exciting news.

  14. Ken Baumann

      Rad! They’re catching on. Congratulations, Amelia!!!

  15. Christopher Higgs

      Very cool news. High five, Amelia!

  16. Christopher Higgs

      Very cool news. High five, Amelia!

  17. Ryan Call


  18. Amelia

      Thanks everybody!

  19. Todd Colby