September 24th, 2013 / 12:39 pm


  1. Daniel Bailey

      why does everything have to be art?

  2. Flavors

      why make the distinction?

  3. reynard

      why does everything have to have meaning?

  4. Daniel Beauregard

      i haven’t been bummed in a while…wink wink, nudge nudge, know what i mean…say no more say no more…

  5. Jeremy Hopkins

      Did anyone doubt it was people? Not I.
      [breaking news: No, it really was a spambot but the interviews and articles are also part of ‘the project’.]

  6. elias tezapsidis

      cool bumming collection of linkz. very bummy.

  7. elias tezapsidis

      also, troll-y order of presenting them. a+