May 23rd, 2011 / 2:14 pm

LOL re Dale Peck: “Literature cannot be saved, because literature saves us. When it no longer saves us, it is no longer literature.”


  1. M. Kitchell


  2. Amelia


  3. richard chiem

       ‘lol’ is perfect

  4. Matthew Simmons

      ‘cool story, bro.’

  5. M. Kitchell

      i get subjected to the diane rehm show on NPR twice a week (three times during the school year) and half the time i end up having to listen to book talk and it makes me want to pull my esophagus out of my throat because it’s all middle aged women who read like 12 books a year saying shit like this

  6. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Fun social experiment: paste the quote as your Facebook status and see how people react. 

  7. Ryan Sanford Smith

       Isn’t it art because it can’t save anyone?

  8. STaugustine

       Testifuckinmonial: it sure saved *me* (but the stuff that saved me *couldn’t* have been anything that Pale Dick would have approved of)

  9. STaugustine

      Fix: “Money cannot be saved, because money saves us. When it no longer saves us, it is no longer money.”

  10. c2k


  11. c2k

      Spun in place until I fell down. Quote then made sense. 

  12. reynard

      dale peck stares at himself in a mirror in new york. the mirror envelops him in a gauze of shimmer. dale peck radiates sunshine. a peach-tinted orb appears in iowa city. the orb swaggers six feet above the ground. a crowd surrounds the orb. the crowd’s eyes are full of peach-tinted sweat. the orb begins to spin, twaddles, floats into the sky. a child cries, my balloon! her father slaps her. no one says anything. the blue sky tints peach for a moment, swirls of blue become the sky. a low moan descends upon the cornfields, crackling, rippling out in waves over the wheat, enters the ground. the crowd disperses. the earth gyrates.

  13. William Owen

      Someday Dale Peck will realize, just as I did, that there is a difference between knowing you’re Dale Peck, and being Dale Peck.

  14. Counterquote

       LOL re David Shields: “Art saves no one.”

  15. gavin

       Who is Dale Peck?

  16. Guestagain

      so the unsaved no longer have literature? that suks 

  17. lorian long

      diane rehm is death.

  18. BB

      “It’s funny: often it seems like the most asinine or quibbly threads
      are the ones that get the most attention; certainly the most comment
      heavy pieces are the ones that are often the most arbitrary or reductive.”

  19. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      5-10 years ago this comment’d’ve read as:
      “It seems like my shortest LJ posts get the most comments! It’s so annoying!” 
      Thanks for academicizing it up!

  20. Joseph Young

      i think he’s that self help guy who didn’t know robert frost was joking. 

  21. Adam Robinson

      Chris Toll: 
      The job of poets is not to explain the Mystery.
      The job of poets is to make the Mystery greater.

  22. Adam Robinson

      Also Chris Toll:
      I’m not a voice crying in the wilderness. I’m the wilderness. 

  23. MFBomb

      Yeah, Peck seems like another John Gardner type–the kind who would argue that literature saves yet claim Stanley Elkin is a fraud because he doesn’t write the kind of “morally uplifting” fiction that meets Gardner’s Puritan tastes.

      I don’t see anything wrong with the basic premise of art “saving” people.

  24. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      I’ve read some of Hatchet Jobs, and would say his critical position is both more complex and also less intelligible than that.

  25. shaun gannon

      whats literature

  26. jon w.

      the copy of adam levin’s “the instructions” stashed in my jacket pocket worked as a buffer and retarded the the bullet’s velocity, thus making a superficial wound out of what could have easily been a fatal one. point: literature

  27. Stan Crouch

      don’t make me smack you again, “Mr.” Peck

  28. deadgod

      Tell X that speech is not dirty silence
      Clarified.  It is silence made still dirtier.

      –Stevens, The Creations of Sound

  29. Dan Moore