March 14th, 2012 / 12:02 pm

A new volume of David Foster Wallace’s uncollected essays, Both Flesh and Not, has been announced for release on 11/27/12 from Little, Brown.


  1. deadgod

      That’s quite a resource.  The Wittgenstein’s Mistress response (“The Empty Plenum”) is, as is said, “major”. 

      I also noticed this response to an early (’96) rash of Franzenfreude:  “I suppose one reason it was brave of Franzen to publish his essay [“Perchance to Dream”] is that it made it easy for other writers [in this case, Vonnegut] to look humble and adorable at his expense.”  ( )

      Why is the book of “uncollected essays” not being released ’til Thanksgiving?  Surely a capable, diligent editor could have it ready in a couple of months — or is that inaccurate?  Is delaying the release actually a Christmas-season strategy??

  2. Jackson Mace

      This is cool.

  3. Tom Beshear

      Perhaps the publisher wants several months gap between the publication of the paperback The Pale King and the essays.

  4. Aaron Gilbreath


  5. Aaron Gilbreath

      stellar news

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